Opera Performances
Choose from a variety of Cantonese Opera excerpts ranging from a short and crisp 10-minute act to a full 2-hour long performance.

Opera excerpts depicting various characters and roles in an event to celebrate the Lunar New Year which includes the God of Fortune character.
 A Cantonese Opera excerpt which told the story of how one of the gods of heaven was sent to subdue and capture the “nian” monster. This is a popular performance during the Lunar New Year period.
A much sought after Chinese Opera excerpt depicting the stories of the Monkey God. This was performed at the Chinese Garden.
 The Emperor character in the excerpt on the story of “Farewell to my Concubine” popularized by the late Leslie Cheung.
 The story of the Eight Immortals crossing the river is a famous Chinese fable.
 Another story about the Monkey God.